About Stemgent

From experience to insight

Stemgent, Inc. is engaged in working alongside some of the world’s leading stem cell scientists in developing innovative technology and application solutions for the advancement of stem cell research. Our mission is to help simplify and support cellular reprogramming research by producing products being designed by leading stem cell researchers worldwide. 

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Lexington, MA 02421
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Company Highlights

Experts in Cellular Reprogramming: Our reagent product portfolio is among the most advanced in stem cell research. Our products are stem cell-qualified and include the most comprehensive set of tools for generating iPS cells as well as cell lines, media, small molecules and antibodies. 

Leading iPS Cell Culture Training Courses: Our mouse and human reprogramming courses at Stemgent cover all essential protocols for lentiviral reprogramming and ES/iPS cell culture techniques in a hands-on laboratory environment. Our courses have been designed to enable researchers to easily transfer these techniques to reprogramming experiments carried out in their own labs.

Pioneers in Stem Cell Discovery: Our Scientific Advisory Board have published many of the discoveries that drive stem cell science today. Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch and Dr. Doug Melton are widely regarded as among the foremost experts in stem cell biology.