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Cancer Research

ReproCELL is an expanding global leader in providing researchers with integrated tools for translational research. ReproCELL, with its Bioserve, Reinnervate and Stemgent brands, offers a comprehensive suite of products and services supporting cancer research from human biospecimen procurement to cells to 3D cell culture scaffolds for growing physiologically relevant in vitro cancer models.

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Oncology Biospecimens

  • Extensive biorepository of human tissue from a wide range of patients
  • Molecular services
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3D Scaffold for Oncology

  • 3D cell culture technology creating an in vivo like cell environment for oncology tissue samples
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Oncology Biospecimens

Our BioServe Company provides researchers globally with an extensive biorepository of human tissue, serum, DNA and RNA from patients with cancer and other diseases. The tissue samples are available in multiple formats including snap frozen which preserves mRNA and protein, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded which mimics real-life pathology samples.

Human samples are handled consistently according to validated protocols at all of our sites. Each human tissue sample is snap frozen to preserve mRNA and protein, or prepared according to the Sponsor’s custom protocol. Each human tissue sample comes with:

  • Detailed demographic information, including family history for three generations
  • Clinical diagnostic information
  • Complete drug history, including adverse events
  • Full pathology report, including Hematoxylin and Eosin (H & E) slides
  • Complete phenotypic data

3D Cell Culture for Cancer Tox and Invasion

Our Reinnervate Company’s novel 3D cell culture technology provides researchers with the opportunity to create more physiologically relevant models to investigate the structure and function of mammalian cells in health and disease, including cancer. This technology is suitable for studying the migration of cells as models of cancer cell invasion.

The Reinnervate Alvetex 3D cell culture plates and scaffolds advance in vitro screening of 3D tumor cell cultures to accelerate identification of promising compounds and lead candidate optimization. 3D cell culture assays using Reinnervate Alvetex plates permit tumor cells to form in vivo-like structures allowing researchers to:

  • Bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo testing
  • Automate assay screening with the ability to use major cell health and viability assays
  • Easily recover quality material for subsequent analyses (e.g. DNA, RNA, protein)