Custom iPS Cell Services

Stemgent’s Custom Reprogramming Service generates non-integrating, footprint-free iPS cells. For more information, call 1.877.228.9783, email or fill out a short inquiry form here


Reprogramming Drug Discovery

Stemgent’s reprogramming services team is a specialized research group with training in cellular reprogramming received in leading stem cell labs from around the world. This experience has given Stemgent’s scientists the ability to partner with you to develop and deliver footprint-free induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells for use in drug discovery. Our scientists offer validated, cutting-edge technology (microRNA, mRNA and srRNA), and know-how that enable biotechnology, pharmaceutical and contract research organizations to respond rapidly to the changing landscape of reprogramming research. Stemgent’s Custom Reprogramming Services empowers clients to focus on their experiments and not on consuming lab time and resources in generating iPS cells prior to beginning experiments. We serve clients both in the U.S. and internationally. 

An industry leading network of experience

As one of the first organizations to focus on supporting the field of cellular reprogramming, Stemgent scientists bring over 100 years of stem cell experience who have worked side-by-side or have been trained in the labs of Doug Melton, Rudolf Jaenisch, James Thomson, Robert Langer, and Lee Rubin – many of the pioneers of stem cell and iPS cell research. Stemgent’s scientists have conducted thousands of reprogramming experiments using numerous methods covering a variety of technologies.

Stemgent’s Reprogramming Service Team has mastered the scientific and technical challenges of reprogramming, by taking advantage of Stemgent’s unique combination of reliable technology and expertise you can overcome the technical challenges encountered with iPS cell generation and quickly harness the full potential of iPS cell technology in your experiments.

  • Scientist-to-scientist collaboration
  • Trained in leading stem cell labs
  • Proven technology and validated protocols
  • Aid in advancing the fields of disease research, drug screening, and toxicity testing
  • Committed to your success

Custom Reprogramming Services

Stemgent’s Custom Reprogramming Services provide clients with footprint-free iPS cells or non-integrating solutions (mRNA). For more information, call 1.877.228.9783, email or fill out a short inquiry form here.

Stemgent works as an extension of a client’s team to provide reprogramming products and services that can be quickly and seamlessly implemented once the client brings them in house.

Stemgent’s iPS cell generation services include expert scientific consultation to plan your reprogramming project, fast turn-around with scheduled milestone status updates to inform you of the progress of your cells, and comprehensive advice in culturing and expanding your reprogrammed cells upon delivery to your laboratory.

RNA reprogramming methods

Stemgent, the leader in RNA reprogramming technology offers RNA reprogramming for both fibroblast cells (mRNA reprogramming) and blood cells ( StemRNA™-SR self-replicative RNA reprogramming). These technologies have been adopted and developed in close collaboration with leading iPS cell pioneers. Our extensive range of services allows for customization of individual transcription factors, cell culture conditions, and delivery systems for the optimization of reprogramming parameters.


Expert scientific consultation

The ability to reprogram human tissue samples into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells has potentially profound implications for pharmaceutical companies in the quest to develop safe and effective new drugs in a cost effective manner. However, developing the in-house capability to reproducibly and efficiently reprogram cells can take months to years to establish and can divert significant resources from your drug discovery efforts.

Our scientists can work with your lab team to provide customized training to enable them to successfully create and culture iPS cells in your lab to ensure that your success continues beyond the end of the project. 

Stemgent’s reprogramming services team has mastered the scientific and technical challenges of reprogramming and routinely generates custom iPS cell lines. By taking advantage of Stemgent’s unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and reprogramming expertise you can overcome the technical hurdles encountered with iPS cell generation and quickly harness the full potential of iPS cell technology in drug discovery.


Stemgent offers RNA reprogramming systems for the generation of footprint-free stable human iPS cell lines. These tools have been functionally tested and routinely used at Stemgent.

Choosing the right reprogramming system is a critical first step in the generation of iPS cells. Stemgent’s Reprogramming Services offers state-of-the-art RNA reprogramming systems. These technologies have been adopted and developed in close collaboration with leading iPS cell pioneers. Stemgent’s advanced reprogramming technology allows for customization of individual transcription factors, cell culture conditions, and delivery systems. Our products have been functionally tested and are also routinely used at Stemgent.


microRNA-enhanced mRNA Reprogramming

The microRNA-enhanced mRNA Reprogramming method is a proven, non-viral, non-integrative system delivering clinically-relevant iPS cells.  This RNA reprogramming technology is a significant leap forward in the drive to safely and effectively reprogram mature human cells with the potential to differentiate into multiple cell types, such as nerve, heart, and liver cells for drug discovery applications. Stemgent’s cutting-edge mRNA Reprogramming System enables faster, more clinically-relevant reprogramming.

Self-replicative RNA reprogramming

Stemgent is the first and only company able to generate iPS cells via RNA transfection of cell derived from human blood. Primary cultures of late-outgrowth endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), readily established from the mononuclear cell (MNC) fraction of blood, are expanded, banked, and reprogrammed to iPS cells using the StemRNA™-SR microRNA and self-replicative RNA technologies. The clinically relevant iPS cell lines generated by Stemgent’s RNA-mediated Blood Reprogramming Service are integration-free, genetically stable, pluripotent and ready to use in your research.



Individual Reprogramming Factors

Individual factors offer greater flexibility in modifying a reprogramming procedure providing the option to omit or include individual factors or the ability to optimize concentrations of individual factors.

Small Molecules and Cytokines

Small molecules and cytokines have been used to replace proto-oncogenic reprogramming factors such as c-Myc to improve reprogramming efficiencies. Stemgent’s scientists can employ an array of small molecules to alter or enhance a reprogramming system.

Stemgent’s multistep service contracts offer continual updates on the progress of a project and ongoing scientific support once the project is delivered. Our expert scientists partner with you at every step of the way and facilitates the transfer and successful culture of iPS cells in your laboratory.

Simple, straightforward process

A multi-step; simple interactive process, Stemgent’s Reprogramming Services provide scientist-to-scientist consultation with detailed milestone updates throughout the progress of your project. You will also receive insight into experimental procedures and ongoing scientific support to facilitate continued success of growing iPS cells in your laboratory. Stemgent’s process ensures streamlined data and cell transfer, paving the way for the expansion of customized iPS cells that can be used in high-content screening labs for drug discovery.

Stemgent iPS Cell Services

Committed to your success

Leverage Stemgent’s technology and expertise to unleash the possibilities of iPS cells in your research. Contact our reprogramming experts today. Contact our Reprogramming Services Team at or call 1.877.228.9783.