Reprogramming Systems

RNA Reprogramming Systems for Fibroblasts and Blood

Highly Efficient Reprogramming

The Stemgent RNA Reprogramming System provides efficiencies greater than 1% as compared to other methods, which yield reprogramming efficiencies varying from 0.00001% to 0.1%. In addition to increased yield of colonies and fast reprogramming kinetics, RNA-based reprogramming does not require laborious multi-step downstream passaging or screening for viral vector retention or genomic integration.

Fibroblast Reprogramming

The Stemgent microRNA-boosted mRNA reprogramming system, combining the mRNA Reprogramming Kit (00-0071)  with the microRNA Booster Kit (00-0073) and the Stemfect™ RNA Transfection Kit (00-0069), provides high-quality reprogramming of adult and neonatal fibroblasts. The microRNA Booster Kit (00-0073) increases the success with highly refractory target cells, improves efficiency, and reduces the cost per well.

Blood Reprogramming

The Stemgent StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit (00-0075), using self-replicative RNA, is the first RNA-based reprogramming kit for blood derived cells.  Starting with genetically stable endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), easily isolated from whole blood or frozen MNCs, this technology can efficiently generate iPSCs that are free integrated vector and ready to differentiate or scale up.

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Products (14)
Brand Name Catalog Number Size Price Quantity
Stemgent® c-Myc mRNA, Human
05-0018 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® eGFP mRNA
05-0020 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® Klf4 mRNA, Human
05-0015 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® L-Myc mRNA, Human
05-0022 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® Lin28 mRNA, Human
05-0017 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® microRNA Booster Kit
00-0073 kit $695.00
Stemgent® mRNA Reprogramming Factors Set: hOKSML
00-0067 1 Set $1,500.00
Stemgent® mRNA Reprogramming Kit
00-0071 1 kit $2,000.00
Stemgent® Nanog mRNA, Human
05-0021 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® nGFP mRNA
05-0019 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® Oct4 mRNA, Human
05-0014 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® Sox2 mRNA, Human
05-0016 20 μg $250.00
Stemgent® StemRNA™-NM Reprogramming Kit
00-0076 1 kit $1,295.00
Stemgent® StemRNA™-SR Reprogramming Kit
00-0075 1 Kit $1,395.00