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Figure 1: Protein expression and localization shown by innumofluorescence, DAPI in blue and nGFP in green.

Product Overview

Stemgent nGFP mRNA encodes a green fluorescent protein (GFP) that specifically localizes to the nucleus of cells. This in vitro transcribed mRNA incorporates both pseudouridine and 5-methylcytidine modified nucleotides to minimize the cellular interferon response to single stranded RNA.1 Stemgent nGFP mRNA is recommended as a positive control for transfection when employing mRNA cocktails for cellular reprogramming applications.

Product Specifications


20 μg


100 ng/μl in RNase-free TE buffer, pH 7.0

Storage and Stability

Store at or below -70°C. Stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt when stored as directed. Wear gloves when handling this product. Use RNase-free tubes and barrier pipette tips. Thaw on ice. Keep on ice until the sample is removed. Avoid multiple freezing and thawing cycles (<5). Aliquot to experimental quantities.

Quality Control

Proper protein expression and localization have been confirmed by fluorescence microscopy.

Recommended Usage

Stemgent nGFP mRNA should be transfected using a protocol specifically optimized for the cell type used in the experiment.

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Notice to Purchaser

This product is intended for research purposes only. It may not be used for (i) any human or veterinary use, including without limitation therapeutic and prophylactic use, (ii) any clinical use, including without limitation diagnostic and prognostic use, (iii) any use in delivery to and/or modification of cells that are intended for clinical, diagnostic or medicinal use, including without limitation, cell-based therapy, (iv) any commercial purposes, including without limitation the performance of contract research or provision of services to a third party and the manufacture of products for general sale. Any use of this product for any of the abovementioned purposes requires a license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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