Pluriton™ Reprogramming Medium

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Figure 1. Comparison of Pluriton™ mRNA Reprogramming Medium and other common human ES culture media for iPS cell colony generation during mRNA based reprogramming.

Product Overview

The Stemgent Pluriton Reprogramming Medium is a defined, xeno-free medium optimized for mRNA based cellular reprogramming of human cells. Pluriton Reprogramming Medium has been functionally validated, using the Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Factor Set: hOKSML, to support the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell colonies from both BJ human fibroblasts and patient-derived fibroblasts1. Substitution of other media during mRNA reprogramming is not recommended, however, clonal mRNA reprogrammed iPS cell lines derived in Pluriton can be expanded and maintained in other conditions and media, such as Nutristem™ XF/FF Culture Medium. For a detailed description of the recommended usage of Pluriton for mRNA reprogramming, please see Stemgent's user manual: Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming System.

Figure 1. Comparison of Pluriton Reprogramming Medium and other common human ES culture media for iPS cell colony generation during mRNA based reprogramming. Different target cell densities (50K, 25K, or 10K per well) of BJ fibroblasts were plated on human fibroblast feeders (250K/well) in a single well of 6-well plate. Each condition wasincubated at 5% O2 and transfected with 1.2 ug of mRNA reprogramming cocktail for 16 consecutive days without enzymatic passaging. Primary cultures were assayed with the Stemgent® StainAlive™ Tra-1-81 antibody (1:100) on Day 19 and Tra-1-81 positive colonies were counted using a fluorescent microscope. Each bar in the graph is individually labeled with the number of iPS cell colonies generated.

Product Specifications


  • 500 ml Pluriton Reprogramming Medium
  • 0.2 ml Pluriton Supplement 2500X

Storage and Stability

Store the Pluriton Medium at -20°C, and the Pluriton Supplement 2500X at less than -70°C.  These products are stable for a minimum of 3 months when stored as directed.

Quality Control

Pluriton Medium and Supplement are sterile and have tested negative for mycoplasma. Pluriton mRNA Reprogramming Medium is functionally tested for successful mRNA-based reprogramming of BJ human fibroblasts. Complete reprogramming of iPS cell colonies is confirmed by continued expansion and expression of pluripotency markers.

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  1. Warren, L., Manos, P.D., Ahfeldt, T., Loh, Y.H., Li, H., Lau, F., Ebina, W., Mandal, P.K., Smith, Z.D., Meissner, A., Daley, D.Q., Brack, A.S., Collins, J.J., Cowan, C., Schlaeger, T.M., and Rossi, D.J. (2010) Highly efficient reprogramming to pluripotency and directed differentiation of human cells with synthetic modified mRNA. Cell Stem Cell 7: 618-630.

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