MesoFate™ Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Medium

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Figure 1: Comparison of Cardiomyocyte output using MesoFate or Competitor Medium. MesoFate Differentiation Medium generates a greater than 2.5-fold expansion of cardiomyocytes relative to the starting numbers of pluripotent stem cells, significantly higher yield compared to competitor medium.

Product Overview

High Yield Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Medium

Serum-free medium supporting mesoderm induction of pluripotent stem cells and high yield cardiomyocyte differentiation

High Yield Cardiomyoctye Differentiation

Differentiation to cardiomyocytes in MesoFate Differentiation medium results in a reproducible 250% increase of cardiomyocytes relative to input hPSCs, and 1.8 fold more cardiomyocytes than competitor medium, when using the same protocol (Figure 1).


  • High yield cardiomyocytes differentiation
  • Serum Free
  • Embryoid body-based mesoderm induction
  • Supports differentiation of both induced pluripotent and embryonic stem cells
  • Amenable to culture scale-up

Product Specifications


500 ml MesoFate Basal Medium

10 ml MesoFate Supplement

Storage and Stability

Store basal medium at 4°C. Store supplement at -20°C.  Medium and supplement are stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed.

Quality Control

MesoFate is functionally tested for sucessful generation of cardiovascular progenitors and cardiomyocytes, as measured by expression of appropriate stage-specific markers from human embryonic stem cells. Product sterility is confirmed by negative tests for bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma.

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