Nippi iMatrix-511 Stem Cell Culture Substrate

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iPS cells derived from fibroblasts using the StemRNA-NM Reprogramming Kit were cultured on iMatrix-511 in NutriStem™ XF/FF Culture Medium (01-0005) for 7 passages. Magnification: 4x
Human iPSC line RC010, reprogrammed from fibroblasts using the mRNA Repreogramming Kit (00-0071), were grown on iMatrix-511 coated plates in StemFit® medium.
Structure of Laminin-511 E8 Fragment

Product Overview

Recombinant Laminin-511 E8 Fragments

iMatrix-511 is xeno-free, recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments, produced in CHO-S cells. iMatrix is used with the StemRNA-NM Reprogramming Kit (00-0076) to create an ideal system for generating iPS cells from fibroblasts, blood, or urine.

iMatrix-511's features make it an ideal matrix for pluripotent stem cell culture:

  • Promotes greater cell adhesion than does the leading matrix1
  • Xeno-free
  • Easy to use

Laminin is localized to the basement membrane, and plays a key role in cell adhesion and proliferation. Laminin-511 (α5, β1 laminin) binds to integrin α6β1 to promote cell signaling. Laminin-511 provides an ideal matrix for the proliferation of a wide variety of cell types.

Product Specifications


NP892-011: 2 x 175 µg
NP892-012: 6 x 175 µg

Storage and Stability

Store at 4 °C
Stable for 2 years from manufacturing date.
Protect from light.


Laminin-511 binds to integrin α6β1 on the cell surface. iMatrix-511 is composed of recombinant laminin-511 E8 fragments dissolved in PBS(-) at 0.5 mg/mL.

Quality Control

Activity: Kd for integrin  α6β1 <10 nM.

Recommend Usage

iMatrix-511 is suitable for use as a substrate for culture of various cell types, including ES/iPS cells.

Regulatory Disclaimer

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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